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✅torta salchada desde $ 80

Cantinho da isa open on Sundays also then comes zap and check your day and time 976933389
Bento Ribeiro City

Cantinho da isa in Bento Ribeiro near the marina on the street of the house number 246 calls to isa I go to her residence with day and time marked 976933389 work also with chiropodist arrives of thick feet with calluses and cracks with products Mary kay and avon calls there girls

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FREE – Rio de Janeiro



Hey, psiu, you!
Yes! Yourself!
Do not miss the opportunity!
Tired of celebrating your party always the same way?
Get away from the same, Le Meilleur Gourmet is what you need!
Come and meet the best French crepe buffet in Rio de Janeiro!



For more information contact us at (21) 97251-7175 or (21) 96485-3056


Choose from 6 options

From Monday to Thursday
• R $ 450 for 20 people – original price R $ • R $ 700 for 50 people – original price R $ • R $ 900 for 80 people – original price R $
From Friday to Sunday
• R $ 480.00 for 20 people – original price R $ • R $ 750.00 for 50 people – original price R $ • R $

• Savory flavors: chicken, calabrian, cheese, olives, corn, peas, ham, onion, catupiry, ground beef • Sweet flavors: Banana with cinnamon, dulce de leche, chocolate (grated coconut, granules and sugar with cinnamon) • Beverages: 6 liters for 20 people, 10 liters for 50 and 15 liters for 80 • Staff: 1 crepeiro (for up to 30 people), waiter and butler (a) contracted a
Other information

• To insure the date will be made deposit of 50% of the value • Assembly, plates, cups, forks and knives • To choose dishes and glass cups and forks and stainless steel knives, only when hiring a butler (aside). Hermes Replica

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Bento Ribeiro and this Friday 03 November
Come and visit us and know the best we have to offer

We have professionals totally qualified
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……………. 188 dividing street near Santa Monica College Hermes Belt Replica

Hermes Bags Replica Cake, candy, salt cake, cupcake, lollipop
R $ 4 – Rocha Miranda, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Set cake decorated from $ 50.00 – Single drink from $ 40.00, 00
✅torta salchada desde $ 80.00
✅empadinha $ 80.00 o cento
✅mini tirinha, $ 80.00 o cento
✅docinhobttadicional $ 50.00 o cento
✅ you say fondats, $ 100.00 or one hundred
✅cupcake cm glacê or chantilly $ 3.50
Cm pasta $ 4.00
✅piritito $ 2.20
Door portrait of chocolate $ 4.00
não leave PR last hour, reserve your date
Reserve only cm sign d 50%
Minimum order 3, days preceded by Zap 99424_1799
Sou de Rocha Miranda

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