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Atlanta makes it easy to entertain visitors and residents

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#Hotline: 0984 673 380 – 0945 982 392 Mr Vinh – Times Online Park 2 Park Hill, with flexible apartments ranging from 73.3 m2 – 136.1 m2, optimal design from 2 -4 bedrooms, the rooms have bright light / airy entrance and Park 2 is a spacious three-faceted building with panoramic views of Park Hill.

– Located in the heart of Times City, Park residents 2 will move very conveniently to the commercial center, school Vinschool, square, hospital Vinmec…


• 2 bedroom apartment for rent, dream house 0%

• Receive cash gifts from Techcombank up to 2% of the value of the apartment

Payment of 7 installments: 15% -15% -10% -10% -10% 10% -30% and get home in the first quarter / # Contact: 0984 673 380 – 0943 746 386

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