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Coleridge entitled ‘Love’) that was prominently featured in

More>>Ethnomusicology: Malian ‘Desert Blues’ Revolutionaries To Storm WOMADMalian band Tinariwen (playing WOMAD NZ in March 2018) are a true musical revolutionaries in every sense. Active since 1982, these nomadic Tuareg or ‘Kel Tamashek’ (speakers of Tamashek) electric guitar legends revolutionised a traditional style to give birth to a new genre often called ‘desert blues’. They also have a history rooted deeply in revolution and fighting for the rights of their nomadic Tamashek speaking culture and people. Coleridge entitled ‘Love’) that was prominently featured in the 2013 exhibition Angels Aristocrats. Compare the massive immensity of the bard’s gorgeously gilded harp with the stubby metallic handle of the Dark Knight’s falchion, both suggestively positioned at crotch level. Dawe’s enormous canvas invokes a whole history of blushing that pivots around a direct connection to sexual arousal. More>>


Dark energy patterns occur in your physical and astral
Be aware of your
As time goes on, if the attitude remains the same and the feelings occur repeatedly, this dark glop of energy will continue to
To break through these patterns, whether they have already manifested physically or still in your auric field, take time to quiet your inner and outer
Through focused intention and pure thoughts, you can undo these
Make choices based on your highest dream, not allowing fear and limiting thoughtforms to keep you from pursuing your
In order to progress towards love, you will need to change limiting beliefs and energize them with new and positive
You are encouraged to share this Please include the following when you do
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