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He also had a fishing license from Alaska

O God, give our children and grandchildren, our family and our husbands. O God, O Lord of the Worlds. Mind and Islam and the rest of the Muslim countries
O Lord, forgive us our sins and disbelieve us Our sins and our sins with the righteous and guided us in who guided and revived in the one who lived and took us in the prayer and bless us in what was given, O merciful, O merciful, O living, O you who live with your mercy, we seek refuge from us, give us guidance, guide us, and uphold the truth and uphold the truth against us.

The past two decades, Stephen Paddock had bought and sold properties in several states, including California, Nevada, Florida and Texas, where for a time, neighbors said, he lived with his mother. Public records show Paddock at one point owned two planes and was a licensed pilot. He also had a fishing license from Alaska..

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((Believers)) and ((Believers)) have in the hearts of Muslims place to place it in place. God Almighty
for the establishment of gardens of Eden, and where the rivers, and planted in it She said to her: I said: **** ((The believers have succeeded)) ****
(In the name of God the Merciful **** ((The believers have succeeded) Those who are in their prayers are humble. And those who are of the tongue are exposed: and they that are for zakah are effective: and they who are for their wives are keeping their wives.

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