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He even finds an encouraging word for gold

Judge-in-law decides to party with the millions that have taken place over the past years in the health sector, sometimes with tolerance and sometimes with the blessings or the participation of members of hospital administrations, but also under the responsibility of the political leadership that appointed the heads of the public It was a megadone scandal

– “He did not practice any ag but the President of Andreas Martini sued Korgialenios lawyer because, as he accused him, acting unilaterally and voluntarily without prior notification and approval of the Board of Directors, filed an objection with criminal offense in which he allegedly “attempted damage to the state and the hospital.”
Somehow he “turned off”, as he says The case was audited by the Health Inspectors’ A total of 24 million euros was delinquent, and it was sent to the Justice for investigation and possible crimes. According to the conclusions of the audit report:

* that Korgialeneo was obliged to deliver the medicinal material to Dynan, it was not lawful to pay the closed sickness, since the medicines were included in it. * As it was clear from an explanatory decision (by Avramopoulos), from 1/9/2005 to 9 / 2/2007 the “Dynan” he had to receive the sickness insurance directly from the insurance funds and not from the ministry.

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