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I actually find I rarely like scents which are too clean

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15 – God is against Muhammad peace be upon him Jibril, Mikael, Israaville, Ezra, the Spirit, peace be upon them, and the right of Abu Bakr al-Siddiq, Omar al-Faruq, Othman bin Affan, and Ali ibn Abi Talib, may Allah be pleased with them all, to spend my need and respond to my call. I ask you all good, and I seek refuge in you from all evil, You are the God who has no god but You alone and no partner for you, the rich and the merciful, the Forgiving, the Merciful, I ask you the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and his guidance to the Straight Path Not to God become things, to give me forgiveness from you explain to me by my chest, and facilitate me by my mother, And you shall put me by my crowns, and lift me up by my memory, and walk by my intellect, and sanctify my secret, and reveal my evil; – O God, I ask you by your bones, and your precious angels, and your prophets peace be upon them and we implore you with every prophet I sentAnd I will swear to you, O mercy of the merciful. 18- I swore to you with mercy, and Mimi the king, and D, and I have mercy on you, and I have mercy on you.

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