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It works to soften hair and treat it from dryness

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The collections from UK based Zoffany find their inspiration in the rich and diverse textiles of India. In this image, the sofa, throw and a few cushions are from the Granada collection, based on an elaborately woven silk velvet brocade produced in 1884. Granada incorporates pomegranate motifs and ornate trellis reminiscent of the medieval textiles, which inspired the design.

The product is made from Brazilian-made Global, which is a Keratin treated with gold water and collagen used without flasks or ceramics. It works to soften hair and treat it from dryness, flaking, exhaustion, hair loss, and all hair problems. Free formaldehyde and any chemicals.

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Instead of a the usual white, the gallery walls have been painted black. The dramatic lighting makes the paintings really stand out in the gallery. The presentation is a theatrical one, something maybe painting has to do in Vancouver to be taken seriously.

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