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Just remember, all true collaboration depends on intimacy, and

tamil nadu transport workers struggle as mlas get pay hike

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Most recently, Oprah Winfrey sported it in Mumbai en route to the Jaipur Literature Festival and Paris Hilton splashed it on the international fashion pages when she appeared in a pinkish Greciandrape dress, styled like a sari, at the 2011 launch of her Indian collection. It was Jacqueline Kennedy, in fact, who set the ball rolling when she visited India in 1962 and wore a sari.”The reason Missoni is successful is because of our family’s commitment to freedom to work,” Angela said, to explain her plans for the sari. “We encourage new ideas that go beyond borders and break conventional design rules.” Angela began assisting her mother in the conception and creation of the brand’s women’s collections by the time she was 18.When Angela took charge of her family business in the 1990s, most other fashion houses were scouting around for financial partners or offering themselves for corporate takeovers.

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Its isolation would seem to make it an ideal rookery for seabirds, especially Laysan albatross, which lay their eggs and hatch their young here each winter. For their first six months of life, the chicks depend entirely on their parents for nourishment. The adults forage at sea and bring back high calorie takeout: a slurry of partly digested squid and flying fish eggs..

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At the heart of your life plan must be some concept of home. That’s the most dependable way to provide grounding not just for your success but also a place where you can rest and connect with others. Just remember, all true collaboration depends on intimacy, and is fed by passion..

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