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Located in Napa Valley, the Encanto Vineyard is owned by

Meanwhile, he is looking for value in midcap IT space. “Their ability to grow at a faster pace and in double digits is much higher compared to bigger names. There is underownership in the sector as well,” he said.

Providence Perfume Co Bay Rum cologne classes up the one two punch of bay and spice to create a fragrance more substantial and complex than Pinaud Bay Rum. Its notes include local rum (local to Providence, Rhode Island, that is), lime, allspice, sea spray, bay, jasmine and ylang ylang. Maybe it’s the illusion of the other notes or the suggestive illustrations of ships that adorn Bay Rum bottles, but I almost smell a lemon wax polished wood deck under the fragrance’s soft spice.

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Replica Bags “We are excited about the wine tasting especially because it is a chance to showcase Latin American culture while raising money for SCOW,” said Jeffrey Necio, a member of the SCOW board of directors and chairman of the event. “The wines are all very special and will provide both the aficionado and the causal drinker alike with an opportunity to taste some outstanding vintages and several high end boutique wines.”Vineyards that will be featured at the tasting include:Encanto vineyard, founded by Don Enrique Segura one of the first Mexican American farm workers and vineyard managers to found a vineyard. Located in Napa Valley, the Encanto Vineyard is owned by Enrique Lopez and Rosaura Segura and produces pinot noir and sauvignon blanc.The Maldonado Vineyard founded 44 years ago by Lupe Maldonado, who moved to California from Atacheo, a small farming community in Michoacan, Mexico. Replica Bags

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