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Designer Replica Bags 【Objectives】: Bid # # autumn and winter essential mail sent on the same day 【Name】: Champion T cuff logo small standard 【Price】: 540 yuan standard. More than 20 increase. The next price is 560
[deadline]: FB time 2017/11/9 23:59:59 【Product Size】: 【Product Status】: New Company # US version is too large Send way]:
# Shrimp auction shipping costs 30
(Shrimp can be super to the cash on delivery
Mobile phone download Shrimp auction to do an account about 2 minutes)
Bank transfer within 12 hours
send the whole family or7-11 shop to shop 0 yuan to take
(Results price +60 shipping)
【Other Notes】: # photo self-photo please do not steal pictures # # shrimp or remittance ability To the standard # # True and false questions do not answer Welcome to check TAG I # # After the successful bidder, please reply as soon as possible 12 hours more than the transaction not completed as an abandoned bid # members
# bother standard commercially available direct private ask price

S shoulder 45 chest width 45 length 68
M shoulder 50 chest width length 51 Shoulder 53 chest 72
L length width 54 76

try report (cm / kg)
171/58 S
180/72 M fit fit fit Replica Handbags
176/62 S
162/63 S fit
177/65 S fit
183/75 M posted slightly
180/82 L

※ fit each person and for loose type
different meaning commonly recommended to take control clothing size table more accurate measurement. Designer Replica Bags

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