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[1] In the event of mixing between men and women, and uncovering the Uraat, only part of the draft of the masquerade and the substitution of the religion of Allaah, and the distortion of his law, with the consensus of the Muslims in ancient times and modernity to avoid this act Which is anomalous to the law of Islam, and did not depart from this For a consensus except for the hypocrisy of the hypocrites and the journalists, they have been corrupted by liberalism and they do not know it, and they chanted democracy and they and their masters hate it in the morning and in the evening, and whoever denies their sin and injustice or denies their approach and their way. He is the creator of creation, and he is the ruler in them, who is shown to their conditions (Allah knows the spoiler of the reformer) [cowA: 220]. He is the reformer, even if he claims to be a reformer.

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8_ Ismail
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9_ Ishaq
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11_ Yusuf (the righteous)
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