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– Play position SF run a lot of spin + stepback

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Replica Bags Wholesale The shutdown has played out with Congress failing to come up with the necessary agreement and subsequently holding back on allocating funds to spend on discretionary spend, such as entitlements and government outlays. Clearly this is story which has been a talking point among traders and media over the weekend, but in reality the shutdown should impact Q1 GDP to a small extent, obviously depending on how long it drags on for and the associated costs involved. By way of a guide, for every week the government is shutdown we should see a drag on Q1 GDP of between 0.2ppt and 0.4 ppt (QoQ annualised), although that depends on the economists model, and much of this loss of growth will work its way back in the form of payback into the Q2 GDP reads.. Replica Bags Wholesale

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