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Since 2002, using data driven analysis, Charity Navigator has

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Has a breaking point in our tolerance for all of this manipulation been reached? The effort to rename a part of Harlem, so closely associated with a glory period in the history of American arts and letters, has met with a robust measure of political resistance. Late last month, Representative Adriano Espaillat, a Democrat, who represents the 13th Congressional District, held a news conference outside the Apollo Theater to assail the efforts at erasure. “Harlem is about an attitude, a personality, a legacy,” he said more recently.

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replica Purse Since its inception in 1986, Make A Wish Connecticut has granted over 2,300 wishes to children from all eight counties of the state.Since 2002, using data driven analysis, Charity Navigator has awarded only the most fiscally responsible organizations a 4 star rating. In 2011, Charity Navigator added a second dimension of Accountability and Transparency (A to its rating methodology, and now reviews 17 governance and ethical practices as well as measures of openness, providing information on its web site for each of the charities it evaluates. The A metrics, which account for 50 percent of a charity’s overall rating, reveal which charities have “best practices” that minimize the chance of unethical activities and whether they freely share basic information about their organization with their donors and other stakeholders.”Make A Wish Connecticut’s coveted 4 star rating puts it in a very select group of high performing charities,” according to Ken Berger, President and CEO, Charity Navigator. replica Purse

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