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Since I travel, they functional

I blind bought Malin + Goetz Dark Rum based on its rum and leather combo and the rave reviews on Mecca cosmetica. It had immense lasting power (unfortunately) but made me think of my mother food pantry cupboard after the Christchurch earthquake when every jar, jam, food essence, honey, pickles, chutneys, bottled fruit, rocked off the shelves and smashed on the floor real collision of rum essence and goodness knows what. Drove me nuts me almonds!!! BUT someone with more perfume knowledge than me now has my bottle and likes it that good.

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Hermes Replica I always love solids. Since I travel, they functional. And, they usually small, so you can have more, right? The Pacifica solids are my favorites, but I enjoy a few of LUSH solids, and Fragonard. Love the uniqueness of these, but I agree that the packaging is less convenient than a tiny pot for carrying around in a pocket or purse. Wish I could have grown up in the 70s and tried those Coty solids! Instead I had to be a teenager during the late 90s so everyone was drenched in Victoria Secret Lovespell and B Raspberry sugary sweetness. Hermes Replica

Hermes Replica Bags Party snacks, cod dumplings, breaded shrimp and churros
$ 10 – Bacalhau dos Anjos

We have snacks for your party!!!


Cheese cake
Cheese cake with garlic
Cheese cake with olive
Cheese with ham
String sausage

Packs with 25 units per 10, 00


We have also:

Risole of shrimp (25 units) 12,00

Churros of dulce de leche (kilo) r $ 25,00

Salads of Cheese provolone (700 gr) r $ 25,
Cookies of cod cocktail $ 27, 00 with 50
Traditional cod cakes $ 38.00
Shrimp breaded with catupiry $ 35.00
* Prices of cod cakes and shrimp breaded with catupiry valid for payment in cash, payment in Card add 2.00 in each package!

We sell only frozen salads!

Come and try it! You will approve!

We accept debit and credit cards and parcelamos in up to 2x without
Short our page: Bacalhau dos Anjos

*** we charge a delivery fee of R $ 2, 00

Tels: 30748929/981673973/969092302

WHATSAPP 981905511 (click the link below and call us directly at WHATSAPP)
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Replica Hermes Bags Never buy unsniffed, right? I’m usually pretty good about following my own rule, and for that matter, I don’t buy much perfume of any sort, tested or untested, these days. But my resistance is low at the moment it feels like it’s been winter FOREVER and what’s more cheering than fragrance arriving in the mail? And I’m happy to report that the bottle is just as gorgeous in person, although it looks best with light shining through it (the panther is hard to make out otherwise). Replica Hermes Bags

Replica Hermes Belts If the United States is serious about protecting human rights in the Arab world, it should halt all arms sales to Bahrain, bring Bahrain’s abuses to the attention of the United Nations Security Council, support a special session on Bahrain at the United Nations Human Rights Council, and begin a conversation about potential diplomatic and economic sanctions. The Obama administration should also demand that high level Bahraini officials be held accountable for human rights abuses, and that nongovernmental organizations, United Nations human rights investigators and journalists be allowed to enter the country and investigate abuses. who have so far refused to end their support for the oppressive al Khalifa regime. Sending John Timoney to quell the country’s popular resistance has unsurprisingly exacerbated the situation and certainly hasn’t engendered solidarity with the Bahraini people or diminished the regime’s human rights abuses. Replica Hermes Belts

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