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The two returned with Windham delivering a Suplex to Luger

The fifth match pitted Barry Windham defending the NWA United States Heavyweight Championship against Lex Luger. Luger dominated Windham for much of the earlier part of the match by performing his power moves. The action spilled to the ringside. The two returned with Windham delivering a Suplex to Luger. The two returned to the ringside where Windham attacked Luger on the guardrail. Windham tried to Punch Luger in the ringpost but Luger avoided it and Windham’s hand hurt. It became trouble for Windham as he was unable to use his hurt hand. He managed to apply a Clawhold on Luger but Luger escaped the hold. Windham delivered a Superplex from the top rope and tried to pin Luger’s shoulders to the mat. Luger pulled his shoulders up and Windham was pinned. As a result, Luger won the title.[1][2]

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