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There was, in short, this mid size but still portable library

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There were the Colette novels she read on the sly. There was the first edition of Couples, belonging to her mother, which Madeleine had surreptitiously dipped into back in sixth grade and which she was using now to provide textual support in her English honors thesis on the marriage plot. There was, in short, this mid size but still portable library representing pretty much everything Madeleine had read in college, a collection of texts, seemingly chosen at random, whose focus slowly narrowed, like a personality test, a sophisticated one you couldn’t trick by anticipating the implications of its questions and finally got so lost in that your only recourse was to answer the simple truth.

“Barely clad girls were photographed drinking and smoking cigars. Item girls (dancers) had been flown in from Nagpur and Mumbai. All this is alien to Chhattisgarhi culture.”.

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