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When his friends are captured by Vader

A few years back, I was in the New York City Police Museum and saw an exhibition of mugshots from the 1920’s. Every single person in those photos was dressed with tremendous style. I think that today’s man could learn a thing or two from the criminals of the Gatsby era (from a fashion standpoint I don’t condone hoodlumism)..

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The episodic plot begins on the ice planet of Hoth, where rebel forces are attacked and defeated by Imperial raiders, led by the vengeful Darth Vader (David Prowse), who is consumed with a hatred of Luke Skywalker. Solo, Princess Leia and the gold plated robot, C 3PO (Anthony Daniels), make their escape; Luke and R2 D2, under the command of the spirit of Obi wan Kenobi (Alec Guinness, in a brief appearance), go to a swampy planet to be trained in The Force by Yoda. When his friends are captured by Vader, Luke takes off to the rescue, finally discovering that he and his archenemy have an uncomfortable lot in common.

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