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You be filled with monistat, azos, miconazole, YOUGURT,

TAKE IT FROM A WOMAN WHO HAS EXPERIENCED THIS AND STUDIES ABOUT HER BODY. Everyone has their opinions and some I agree with. 1, that fishy odor isn normal at all. 2, yeast infections usually don smell fishy. 3, bacteria infections and stds can cause this fishy odor. (Read up on it if im not believed) if you have never had sex, its sound like a bacteria infection. Bacteria infections normally cause thin, milky discharge. But no other method beats going to your doctor and seeing what it is for sure. I woulf not try all of these things we suggest you do if you don even know what it is. You be filled with monistat, azos, miconazole, YOUGURT, douches, deodorant, and everything else. So go to a gynecologists and frequently visit one. Its not unusual for a young girl to wonder or be insecure about her smells because you are becoming more aware of your body. Now I definitely agree with not bathing too much or douching too often or at all. Showers are better. Its perfectly normal to want to avoid odors especially at 13, because I was the same way. But it made me educate myself and see a gynecologists to learn about what going on with my body. Im not going to diagnoe you and im no doctor, but just keep your vagina dry and ventilated. No fds sprays honey. They irritate it in the long run. Good luck!

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